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My humble and urgent request to the world.

"It's time the world started thinking twice about pulling triggers on one another, there is no need. We are dying already from some of the most ferocious enemies; HIV/AIDS, MALARIA, TUBERCULOSIS and many more that are claiming lives at a rapid pace. I can't even keep up on where my relatives were buried a few years ago, some graves are now being recycled. The rate at which we are dying is way quicker than the speed of a bullet and a swing of a machete. Please Government, stop investing in human terminating programs. Open up both your physical and spiritual eyes and you will see who your greatest enemies are. This enemy will come in and silently rob all your family's pride and joy and will eat you while you are watching. I Pray that this is passed on to everyone, and hope that it lands on your good ears, thank you and Be Blessed Always"~

Fortune Nyondo.





Our Vision

To provide sustainable and accessible healthcare and awareness by building decentralized health centers in developing countries. The centers will be managed and operated with the support of local people, using modern and traditional methods, instilling confidence, hope and self esteem to foster a healthy community at the local level.

Our History

Our organization was founded by Fortune Nyondo, Simply known as "Fortune" a professional musician native to Zambia. Fortune’s music is well known in many countries throughout Africa. His life experiences inspired him to create Fortune Pilgrim. Because of the taboo associated with HIV/AIDS people don't seek treatment. Malaria, Tuberculosis, poor education, and insufficient resources also play a role in the deaths of millions. This is what happened to Fortune's mother who passed away one day before being tested. Now that he has the resources, education, and reputation to change this destructive pattern in his native country and some parts of the world, he is willing to take on this mission. His passion for the needy has prompted him to organize a movement to create change and save lives.

Our Future

The future of Fortune Pilgrim is to build health facilities that will create permanent changes in third-world countries by educating, testing, and treating people of every age, race, religion, and creed. Through our partners we have been granted the opportunity to possibly build in many different countries. We will be sending teams to assess and start the planning of H.E.A.R.T. Health Centers in Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda.

Our Distinctive

What makes Fortune Pilgrim different from other organizations? We don"t provide individual sponsorship, but communal help. We make sure the money goes directly to the community. We believe that documenting the projects with use of video and photography, allows you the donor to see and appreciate what your heart felt and generous giving is being used for.


Helping Everyone Act Responsibly Together
~ H.E.A.R.T. Health Centers ~

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Our Mission

Creating Change and Saving Lives

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